Write your name in history—literally.

Every child who raises $10 or more will have their name permanently engraved at the Statue of Responsibility visitors center.

Once in a Lifetime Nationwide Fundraiser

It's not cookie dough or candy — it's our future. Students can learn about the importance of voting, civic engagement and freedom while raising the funds necessary to build the Statue of Responsibility.

Statue of Responsibility Fundraiser

How the fundraiser works

The names of every student who completes the three civic responsibilities will be permanently recorded at the Statue of Responsibility.

Three civic responsibilities

Learn 10 lessons of responsible citizenship

Raise at least $100 to help build the Statue of Responsibility

Vote in the largest student mock presidential election on November 1, 2016

Help build a historic monument to complement the Statue of Liberty

Soon, a 300-foot national monument will be constructed on the West Coast of the United States. This Statue of Responsibility will stand as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Every child who completes the three civic responsibilities will have their name permanently recorded at the Statue of Responsibility.

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Benefits of Participating


Goes to your Parent Teacher Organization


Goes to scholarships for participating students


Goes to building the Statue of Responsbility

5% goes to administration, management and other costs.

Free Voting Box Kit

"I Voted" stickers, voting booth, posters, Studies Weekly publications and more!

*Limited amount, while supplies last

How to Participate


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Responsibility, Freedom & Voting

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